About US



Thank you very much for choosing us as your HVAC service provider of choice. My name is Andrew and I am the team leader. Heating AC service is a family owned company that specializes in providing various types of heating, cooling ventilation and air conditioning services. We have been doing this over the last ten years, so you can bet on us to offer an affordable yet top-notch service every time you reach out to us.

One of the main qualities about us is that we main a high level of professionalism and diligence. This has helped us to build successful working relationships with not only customers but also our partners who supply us with high quality spare parts and systems.

Unlike other companies, we do help our customers purchase the best systems in the market. Please note that this is not a affiliate arrangement with the manufacturing companies, it is just that we want to ensure that they enjoy the best service possible as well as value for the money.

The technology that governs the provision of HVAC services such as installation keeps changing as new gadgets and systems are released into the market. In response to this, we have a group of personnel whose main role is to networking with various industry leaders to get first-hand information on the newest innovations. We are keen to embrace and incorporate such innovations in a bid to ensure that our customers get only the best services.

We have also gone a step further to establish an online forum that our customers can use to speak directly with our customer care support team. All you need to do is register by furnishing us with your name, address, and email. We value your privacy and will never share such confidential information with anyone.

Thank you and we look forward to serving you.